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Snacks & Specialties

Snacks & Specialties

    During the Qing Dynasty, Lukang, Tainan and Mengjia (Mohua city) were honored as the three greatest cities in Taiwan. Lukang, as the important trade harbor,located along the west coast of Central Taiwan, was the second greatest city with many businessmen gathering, suffi cient merchandise and prosperous commerce.

    Therefore the immigrants from Mainland China fl ocked together and brought many kinds of their local food . Our ancestors said, "Only if the family which has been wealthy for over three generations knows how to cook well." The seafood in Lukang is absolutely delicious such as oyster, crab, eel, clam,mullet roe, crawfi sh, etc.

    The process of making fengyan cake starts with grinding glutinous rice into fl our. Then steam the fl our properly and blend it with sugar. Finally mold it into the shape of the phoenix's eye (fengyan). That's so-called fengyan cake. The color of the fengyan cake is snow-white and tasted sweet but light. It’s the most famous traditional tea cake.

    The period from lunar October to midwinter of the year is the season of catching the mullet. The mullets migrate south with the ocean current and spawn around Taiwan Straight. At this time the mullet roes are the best for tasting. They are made based on an old recipe in Lukang and their quality is excellent!