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About Lukang

    The Chinese 「一府、二鹿、三艋舺」 means Lukang was the second largest town in Taiwan. The history of the town of Lukang has been characterized by rapid change. In the 17th century, Dutch occupiers used Lukang as a major harbor for exports; in 1784 it was designated as the Taiwan seaport for shipping links with the Hanchiang harbor at Chuanchou on the coast of mainland China. Thereby becoming the gateway to central Taiwan. At that time the town was crowded with stores that covered their facing streets with awnings, creating the famous 「no sky」market areas. Early in the present century the conservative residents refused to allow the passage of major northsouth railways and highways, and the harbor silted up as well, reducing Lukang from the second largest city in Taiwan to a small back water town. It is this conservatism,too, that has allowed the preservation of the traditional face of Lukang.

    Once you come to Lukang, you will soon realize what a charming town. Everyone in Lukang, will extend to you our warmest hospitality.